AJ Mora – Life Is Deep EP

AJ Mora – Life is Deep EP
Available 8.19.2014 via Beatport, iTunes, Amazon and other fine music retailers!

AJ MORA is a legendary pioneer of the Electronic Dance Music community. He is a prolific internationally renowned Remixer, DJ and Producer. He is considered one of L.A.’s most influential leaders in the industry. A true experienced original.

The Life is Deep E.P showcases this original talent with uninhibited tasty baselines, signature synth parts and the infectious groovy rhythm sections appealing to the new global stage. Taking elements from a seasoned career adding to countless releases and remixes, AJ Mora provides another batch of delicious treats that can not be ignored.

Add to this an official passing of the torch to his 17 year old son, AJ Christian, (AKA Apollo/A.M. Beats) this proud father adds to this release a raw literally untouched rendition of his son’s first dance music style release, Kule Haus. Apollo, mostly known for his drummer chops with his rock band Rosalin and production edge beats for Hip Hop clan FOWL Ent., contributes a creative piece for the archives of our beloved Electronic Dance Music chronicles.

AJ knows the block well and by traveling through his own personal success and re-engaged passion now shares pieces of his journey, connecting with all of us that Life is truly Deep.