Taylor Franklyn

Taylor Franklyn

From the mile high city of Denver, Colorado comes DJ-Producer, Taylor Franklyn.

After acquiring his first turntables at the age of 16 this prolific 23 year old has been pushing out deep, reaching sounds that have made impact all over the world and the charts. His fearless style blends relentless electro, innovative bass, and melodic harmonies and he’s definitely not afraid to go against the grain.

Taylor Franklyn credits his success and writing to his spirituality and there is no mistake that every note is given the consideration of this and is filled with his passion. Starting out young and early in the Denver electronic scene he has been able to reach an audience worldwide with his inspired and mature sound.

From playing festivals overseas, tearing up local clubs back home, or working with the likes of influential artists such as Chrizz Luvly, wherever you hear Taylor Franklyn you will not forget the resounding music of this rising artist.