Deeplife Presents…You!


We know there are many aspiring DJs out there just looking for their chance to be heard.
Now is your chance to join the ranks of Deeplife Artists and other world renown DJs that are featured on the Deeplife Presents Radio show (aired on Digitally Imported –

If selected, we will feature your Guest DJ mix, socials and website on our Deeplife Presents Radio show, our website and social spheres.

How to submit your mix
To be considered please submit the following:
– A 30 minute guest mix via private download link (with Track Listing)
– Links to your website URL and Social Media Channels
– Please include your Artist Pic and Bio

Submit this information via our Contact Form or to with the subject line
“Deeplife Presents Guest Mix – DJ Name”

Other details to note:
– Format – 320k mp3 and 16 bit .WAV is acceptable.
– Genres – Please keep mixes within the House, Progressive or Electro categories.
– Keep It Positive – Please do not use tracks that have any swearing or include any sexual references.
– Give Your Best – Make sure those mixes are tight. No train wrecking aloud.
– Help us help you – A nice photo not only makes a good impression, but it also helps us promote you.

Thanks so much. We can’t wait to hear your submissions!